Why people join cults

why people join cults Why are there many people in china that join cults because cults, like religions and hobbies and family fill a perceived need in a person's that do mind control and/or encourage criminal.

They join cults for the same reason that they join main stream religions the only real difference between a cult and a religion is the size, and how ling its been around a good example is the mormon church. Cults are fascinating, aren’t they it’s almost impossible to imagine what it’s like to be lured in, have your life taken over by manipulative strangers, and lose yourself to a cause, an. Why people join cults topics: cult, why young people join the military sarah palin is the governor of alaska and is explaining in this text her point of view, and how she thinks that the youth are thinking when they enlist in the army her role in this topic is that she is of course a governor, but also a mother, whose son has joined the. The final reason why many people join cults is the persistence of evil all counterfeiting cults can ultimately trace their existence back to the “father of lies,” the devil, who is the most persistent of evil beings to ever have existed.

In reality, only 5-6% of people who join cults have psychological problems cults look to recruit people who are intelligent and will be able to help improve the cult with either money or with some sort of talent they possess (rhoads & sagarin, 1997, para9. Recently i watched a few cult documentaries about children of god (cod), the people's temple and more i was struck by some similarities between these cults, back then, and fof and the more obscure scandinavian linbu society. Who joins cults most people only think about cults when they capture the front page, usually when people die or when someone close to us has been affected maybe you can remember back to the 39 members of heavens gate.

Keep in mind that cults are for the most part elaborate scams to con people out of their money, and people of color in america tend to have less disposable income than whites permalink embed. The attraction of cults & sects - sam fry, amie reed and hugh whittington there are many suggestions as to why people join cults and sects alongside various sociological reasons behind the membership of these groups. Africa eyewitness: why people join cults bbc news / 2000-03-24 as uganda tries to come to grips with the discovery of hundreds of dead bodies linked to a cult, many are asking how this could have happened kristina jones, who grew up in a cult, offers her impressions to bbc news online generally, people never think of becoming involved in a cult - until it happens. The case of four young people who performed a satanic ritual that saw a johannesburg teenager burnt alive has shocked the nation everyone asked questions as to why young people would become.

How do people who join cults change after converts commit themselves to a cult, the cult’s way of thinking, feeling, and acting becomes second nature, while important aspects of their pre-cult personalities are suppressed or, in a sense, decay through disuse. A workshop for people born or raised in cultic groups cults and religious privileges in england and australia can the wheat be separated from the chaff how could anyone join a cult how should communities movemnt handle qns of abuse how the united states marine corps differs from cults. Quiz & worksheet - cult psychology quiz answer the questions on this quiz and worksheet to see what you know about cults and the reasons why people join them quiz & worksheet goals. People who leave already established ways of life to join that kind of a way of life [ie, obscure cults or reclusive religious movements] are typically people who are otherwise at a kind of crossroads time in their lives.

Why people join cults

Author and speaker elizabeth esther writes about growing up in a fundamentalist cult her topics are spiritual abuse, fundamentalism, cults, healing from abuse, unhealthy churches, catholics, evangelicals, abuse recovery. Why do people join cults deception the cult does not tell the truth about what it believes and how it operates (it lies) for example, jehovah's witnesses believe it is ok to lie to non-jws because they do not deserve to know the truth. From an outsider’s perspective, it is very difficult to imagine why anyone would join a cult of their own free will there are thousands of cults in existence, with millions of members all over the world. Cult recruitment – one predictable factor clinical observations and research studies suggest that people join cults during periods of stress or transition, when they are most open to what the group has to say.

[this post is inspired by notes from a talk by douglas atkin (currently at airbnb) about his work with cults, brands and community] we all go through life feeling like we are different when you find people that are different the same way you are, that’s when you decide to join. Lessons from jonestown the mass suicide of people's temple followers 25 years ago teaches psychologists what happens when social psychology is placed in the wrong hands rather believing that people join cults of their own free will, as they do with traditional religious groups.

Dr adrian furnham wrote about the many reasons why people join cults for psychology today he explains that year after year, the world becomes more a complex place to live in times of confusion and uncertainty when people feel lost, extreme groups offer absolute answers to questions that people have. So the reason people join cults is that people need to organize as groups for a normal healthy society but there are good groups and bad groups and a lot of groups that are somewhere in between when people become part of the group they put their faith and trust in the group and the group information becomes part of who they are and what they. Have you ever wondered why some people join cults certainly no one wakes up and thinks, i'll find a cult to join today the reality is that cults can prey on unsuspecting individuals, and they can lure them in slowly before the tell-tale signs of cult behavior appear. People who join cults are not stupid while we are at it, let’s shatter another myth: people who join cults are not stupid, weird, crazy, weak-willed, or neurotic most cult members are of above-average intelligence, well adjusted, adaptable, and perhaps a bit idealistic.

why people join cults Why are there many people in china that join cults because cults, like religions and hobbies and family fill a perceived need in a person's that do mind control and/or encourage criminal. why people join cults Why are there many people in china that join cults because cults, like religions and hobbies and family fill a perceived need in a person's that do mind control and/or encourage criminal.
Why people join cults
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