Why media should not be regulated

Running head: should media be regulated 2 i am against the argument that mass media should be regulated mass media being regulated will mean that people will not be able to express themselves the way that they want to everyone has the right to freedom of speech even if others do not agree. These dangers tie into the greater issue of whether and to what extent the internet should be anonymous the implications of knowing who's who on the internet go far wider than social media, and there has recently been talk about introducing regulation in online advertising. The internet should be regulated by the government, just as other venues of media and commerce are there is no plausible reason that something on the internet should be exempt from intellectual property and commercial laws, as well as laws that cover other forms of media such as television and radio. The elonis vs united states case is just the beginning of the evolving debate on whether social media should be regulated or not the supreme court voted in favor of anthony d elonis for his threatening posts on facebook, but the trial tested the limits of how far the law can go in prosecuting someone for online posts. In a recent interview, musk said social media has gone unchecked, despite its impact on 'the public good' musk said he believes that big tech should be subject to more government oversight.

Why not regulate social media like tobacco or alcohol roger mcnamee facebook, google and others can foster addiction – and can be used to undermine democracy phones should be 'slaves, not. Our discussion should not be about whether they should be regulated, but how drawing on the current regulation of press and broadcast media, some regulations are obvious, while others may need. 13 why are media regulated there is a contradiction intrinsic to the notion of regulating what are supposed to be the free means of expression and information in a modern society regulation by its very nature sets limits to freedom, which is the most basic principle of democratic societies. Violence in the media needs to be regulated you are going to debate whether the government should take regulatory steps to control the amount of violence in the media use the clues and ideas below to help you create an argument for your appointed point of view with your team members.

He is stating that why should the governtment be censoring media when media that is just as, if not more, vulgar than the content that the government is censoring so broadcasting decency does not matter now that there are thousands of other media options. The problems at facebook and others, real and perceived, at google, amazon and apple have led to an easy consensus: the large technology companies should be regulated. Why online advertising should be regulated by adexchanger // friday, june 11th, 2010 – 1:55 am share: companies to better understand the rules while giving consumers and brands more confidence to engage with online media regulation provides guidelines, promotes growth. Should social media be regulated 17 mar, around 1998 to 2000 during the “dial up” days social media was not widely used as it is now few people had a computer and internet access.

We could agree that social media should be regulated to avoid trolling incidents like the ones mentioned however, the leveson report, a hotly debated topic at present, is trying to introduce regulations on the press, with no guidelines on how to deal with social media. A summary of government regulation of the media in 's the media learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of the media and what it means perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans. Media regulation is the control or guidance of mass media by governments and other bodies this regulation , via law , rules or procedures, can have various goals, for example intervention to protect a stated public interest , or encouraging competition and an effective media market , or establishing common technical standards.

A reality in many parts of the world, regulated and heavily censored internet activity seems to be more of a possibility than ever for the united states as well here are ten of the reasons why governments should not regulate the internet. Media control by the government does not end with television, mobile and newspapers another important aspect of government control on content comes from the ministry of broadcasting and information on banning private radio channels to feature news. This should be addressed by the imposition of cross-media ownership limits, enforced by competition authorities second: journalistic standards and the rights of individuals and organisations to fair coverage. Social media should be regulated abstract as social media becomes a heavy influence in our online presence, certain elements need to be policed, as laws can still be broken this is an insight into if social media, more specifically social networking sites, can be regulated to avoid recent spates of ‘trolling’ or whether it only serves to. I do think there should be some regulations on ai i think there should be regulations on social media to the degree that it negatively affects the public good, musk said.

Why media should not be regulated

why media should not be regulated Social media giants should be regulated like water and energy companies and forced to adopt a duty of care, according to a new report backed by the archbishop of canterbury the dominance of a.

In my opinion, media should not be regulated media, literally, is a medium through which information is conveyed to the public as such, media requires absolute freedom of expression which might be hindered by any form of regulation. Why media should not be regulated by the government first amendment is often inconvenient, but that is besides the point inconvenience does not absolve the government of its obligation to tolerate speech” (susan300. List of cons of media censorship 1 it keeps the ignorant, ignorant if the government is put in control of what people are allowed to tune into, there is the tendency that things, which can expose corruption within the system, could not be viewed. The internet should be regulated as are other forms of the mass media each web page should be rated just as tv programs are rated v-chips could even be installed on the internet to block the pages that parents find inappropriate for their children.

But the same facts lead other scholars to say that social media companies should be held responsible for content posted on their platforms, just as newspapers, broadcast outlets, and other forms. Though there is such disadvantage, i believe internet should still be regulated by the government when compared the level of internet censorship between hong kong and china, it is less strict in hong kong. This is not an argument as to why regulation is undesirable but one as to why it is difficult and the fact that something is difficult does not mean that it should not be done what is clear, however, is that any regulation of the internet has to be multi-faceted, culturally sensitive, and globally co-ordinated.

Youtube comments are not regulated that is why youtube has turned to the wall with offensive comments people writing them should be somehow punished or banned our studies give the full picture of what is going on on youtube. Media groups should only be limited to broadcasting debates to allow the audience to make their own opinions for many people, these debates are the only time that we are able to see and listen to the candidates in long format rather than through snippets from news groups.

why media should not be regulated Social media giants should be regulated like water and energy companies and forced to adopt a duty of care, according to a new report backed by the archbishop of canterbury the dominance of a. why media should not be regulated Social media giants should be regulated like water and energy companies and forced to adopt a duty of care, according to a new report backed by the archbishop of canterbury the dominance of a.
Why media should not be regulated
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