Entomology of the word computer

Meaning: venomous substance, from latin virus poison, sap of plants, slimy liquid, a potent juice, probably from pie root weis- see more definitions. The term “cookie”, meaning a bit of data a website leaves on your computer to help in tracking you and your use of the site, is short for “magic cookie. Definitions of technology: etymology: the word technology comes from two greek words, transliterated techne and logostechne means art, skill, craft, or the way, manner, or means by which a thing is gainedlogos means word, the utterance by which inward thought is expressed, a saying, or an expression so, literally, technology means words or discourse about the way things are gained. This word is rather strange - what exactly is a network obviously, a work or construction reminiscent of a net, but when was the word first used in this form although the two component words are from common germanic stock, the juxtaposition network seems to be a uniquely english coinage, later imitated by the germans with netzwerk.

Computer: word processing etymology markup for word processors (+72) one of the great strengths of the english language is that it happily incorporates words from almost every other language on the planet (eg no one bothers to make up words which means 'ombudsman' or 'quisling' - we just adopt the swedish and norwegian words which already mean these things. This is a list of the origins of computer-related terms or terms used in the computing world (ie, a list of computer term etymologies) it relates to both computer hardware and computer software names of many computer terms, especially computer applications,. Most likely, the term was born as a nonsense word in the mind of dr seuss, just as countless other words were (the word grinch is another of his coinages that has found a place in the hallowed. Polysemes are when a word gains a new meaning and becomes a homomyn and for 40 years, most people who used the word “joystick” weren’t talking about piloting a cessna the gaming industry reclaimed the word, needed to describe input devices that a) produced joy and b) were sticks.

Etymology is the study of the history of words and idioms, their origins, and how their form and meaning have changed over time if your post is caught in the spam filter, please message the mods and we will fix it asap. The word ‘compute’ comes from the latin word computare, meaning arithmetic, accounting, reckoning clearly, its meaning has been extended to include non-numerical reckoning the latin word computare itself comes from: latin com, meaning with, and latin putare, meaning to settle, clear up, reckon so, in ancient rome at least, to compute seems to have meant, more or less. Laurence zuckerman column notes use of term 'bug' to describe computer problem preceded incident in which moth was plucked out of early computer, incident has entered folk etymology as source of. It has been asked before both in the english language & usage site and the spanish language site about the etymology of salary and salario, respectively in both cases, this site was mentioned. Etymology of “computer” before computer referred to a machine up vote 14 down vote favorite before the term computer referred to electronic analog or digital computers, it was said to be used to describe people who did computing.

(1) etymology refers to the origin or derivation of a word (also known as lexical change) adjective: etymological (2) etymology is the branch of linguistics concerned with the history of the forms and meanings of words. The origin of 0-day (zero-day) in hacking (etymology of zero-day) posted by bjornkuiper on 2013/10/09 this post is a result of a tweet [1] by attack or threat is an attack that exploits a previously unknown vulnerability in a computer application, meaning that the attack occurs on “day zero” of awareness of the vulnerability[1. A brief history of word processing it evolved from the needs of writers rather than those of mathemeticians, only later merging with the computer field 1 the history of word processing is the story of the gradual automation of the physical aspects of writing and editing,. ‘the technology was developed in austria and it proved to be a big hit in the viennese capital’ ‘many of the stores say that limiting fraud is their main goal with the new technology’ ‘the cutting edge technology has been developed by the force's scientific support unit.

Entomology of the word computer

The etymology of video game one subject i have toyed with addressing on this blog is the subject of what was the first video game or who created the first video game so far, however, i have avoided tackling the subject, primarily because it generates so much rancor. Other words from computer more example sentences learn more about computer keep scrolling for more other words from computer history and etymology for computer see compute keep scrolling for more learn more about computer share computer resources for computer time traveler explore the year a word first appeared. Best answer: according to david r wilton, management consultant and amateur etymologist, the origin and evolution of the word computer is rather straightforward computer derives directly from the latin computus and computare both latin words mean the same as the english verb compute: to determine by mathematical means.

  • In the first of two blogs, jeff aronson considers the etymology of the word “data” and grammatical aspects of its usages, with the intention of discussing who owns data and collections of data i was recently verbally accosted (the word is not too strong) by a professor of computing science who.
  • Computer literacy is recorded from 1970 an attempt to establish computerate (adjective, on model of literate) in this sense in the early 1980s didn't catch on computerese the jargon of programmers is from 1960, as are computerize and computerization.
  • Many say the etymology of religion lies with the latin word religare, which means “to tie, to bind” this seems to be favored on the assumption that it helps explain the power religion has the oxford english dictionary points out, though, that the etymology of the word is doubtful earlier.

The conceptual structure and logical organization of a computer or computer­ based system searches related to architecture etymology architecture definition etymology origin of the word architect words related to architecture origin of architecture pdf etymological definition of architecture latin word for architect where did the word. マラ was originally a word used by monks, and there is a prevailing view that the etymology comes from a transliteration of the sanskrit mara meaning evil god who prevents good conduct, klesha which amounts to an obstruction to satori, but it's not known if that is accurate. The etymology of the word “computer” the other day on twitter, i noticed a tweet fly by that was a screen capture of an article written by stephanie ricker schulte and published by sage publications in 2008. The concise oxford dictionary of english etymology edited by t f hoad based on the oxford dictionary of english etymology , the principal authority on the origin and development of english words, the concise oxford dictionary of etymology contains a wealth of information about the english language and its history.

entomology of the word computer The word geek is just a variant of an older word geck meaning fool, simpleton versions of which can be found in most germanic and scandinavian languages the verb to gawk is probably related to it as well. entomology of the word computer The word geek is just a variant of an older word geck meaning fool, simpleton versions of which can be found in most germanic and scandinavian languages the verb to gawk is probably related to it as well.
Entomology of the word computer
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